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Sherri Madison Artist

Sherri grew up in the military, moving every few years. There were ALWAYS moving boxes around. Her brother and she would make everything out of them - forts, furniture, costumes, games... It pains her to see someone throw away a box. Now with the “Amazon effect” of so much waste piling up, she was inspired to use her cardboard cutting, army brat skills along with her artistic talents to try to bring some awareness to the issue of recycling. 

Her new work is made from 100% recycled cardboard (mostly Amazon boxes). She frequently works with gouache paint, making many of her  pieces eco friendly and sustainable. 

Sherri’s goal is to provide quality fine art while inspiring people to recycle, reuse and to get creative. Her new sustainable work is made from many intricately cut layers of cardboard. The layers are then capped with recycled paper to hide the corrugated edges. Lastly she applies gouache using a combination of techniques including air brush and traditional painting. 

Sherri has studied classical oil painting from age 10. She has a B.A. in fine art from Pepperdine University, which included time at the Art Center International in Florence, Italy. She resides in Southern California with her husband and three children.